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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Looking for Souvenir Items? Check Out these Handmade Felt Creations

Cute Keepsakes for kids by Sweet Cheeks Creations:

Hair Clips

Elephant Plushie

Key Chains


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Friday, February 14, 2014

Featuring "Pili Bag" from TALULABELL - Online Handmade Craft Shop from Bikol

If you are enamored with handmade and native products, check out their blog and fan page for the complete product range.

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Mobile: 0919-994-6482

Monday, October 14, 2013

Orgullo Kan Bikol (OKB) – Regional Trade Fair 2013

This event is an annual event of Bicol Region, showcasing native/handmade bicol products, sweets and delicacies, and Bicol Region's tourist destinations. Now on it's 17th year! 
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Organized by the OK Bikol Association in partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)-Region 5.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bicol Sweets & Delicacies: Pili Nuts

Pili nut is a popular native variety of nuts in the Philippines. It is a tropical tree which is abundant in the Bicol region. The fruit, has thin, shiny skin that turns purplish black when ripe.

Some bikolanos steamed the ripe pili fruit in a lukewarm water to soften the pulp. It is edible and often served with soysauce or bagoong (fish sauce) and match it with any viands for lunch or dinner.

Pili Nut

The pili nut kernel is the most important part of the fruit. When eaten raw, it is crispy and milky. But the usual concoction of the pili nut can be roasted, fried,or coated with sugar. It is a popular "pasalubong" of bikolanos.

A number of processed pili products are currently available in local markets - pili tarts, roasted nuts, sugar coated, fried, pili candies, and other baked products with pili nuts on top.

The Pride Of Bicol

This blog site aims to promote Bicol's natural sceneries and also to support the economic activities and resources of Bicol SME's, both private and public sector.

Bicol has a lot of beautiful scenic view to offer to visitors and tourist. Visit our Bicol Sceneries and Bicol Tourist Destination section to see some of the famous destination in Bicol region.

Some basic products of Bicol are cassava, corn, abaca, coconut and pili nut. Manufacturing industries who are into food preservation, loom weaving, furniture making, woodcraft, fiber craft, shell craft, pottery, rattan craft and pili confectionery used these raw materials.

Go to our directory section should you want to get ahold of the Bicol made products like native bags, slippers, sandals, furnitures, decorative items, souvenirs and gifts, sweets and delicacies, and other Bicol products.